Joe’SS (pronounced “Joe’s”) is a web portal that allows students access to their account information such as course history, online payment options, payment history, billing statements, financial aid information, registration schedule, transcripts and more. Joe’SS is completely web-based and accessible from anywhere. Simply use your username (same as what you use to access your Missouri S&T e-mail) to login. Students will need to agree to e-Consent to access their financial information and to facilitate communication with the Cashiers and Student Financial Assistance Offices.

Joe'SS Tutorials

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How to Check Joe'SS Appointment Dates/Times for Registration  (PDF document)

Enrolling in a Class (QuickTime video)

Enrolling/Adding Classes (PDF document)

Searching for a Class (QuickTime video)

How to Drop a Course in Joe'SS (before a semester starts) (PDF document)

Apply for Graduation (QuickTime video)

How to pay your student bill with an echeck through Joe'SS and avoid the 2.75% service fee! (PDF document)