Dr. Devin Burns

Assistant Professor, Psychological Science

Perceptual Psychology Lab

Research Interests:

Cognitive biases and improving rationality (logical thought); Selective attention and perception (ignoring distractors); Augmented perception of many kinds; Yoga/meditation/breathing/posture.

Join the Perceptual Psychology Lab

Dr. Burns is always looking for motivated undergraduate or graduate students interested in getting involved in research. Volunteers can get course credit for Psych 4099/5000 (Special Problems), and there are paid positions available to qualified students for specific funded projects.

Current funded projects:

Augmented perception of balance: two parallel projects, one with a vibration belt, and one with a handheld device to simulate a cane. This project could use technical assistance in device development and data analysis, as well as help researching the relevant literature and running participants through experiments.

Quantum modeling of decision making: sounds fancier than it is. Trying to model order effects in judgments. This project is primarily in the data analysis phase, but follow up experiments may be starting soon and could be developed by an interested RA.

To express interest in working in the Perceptual Psychology Lab please email Dr Burns at burnsde@mst.edu