Department Overview

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Psychology is the science of mind and behavior, including how humans grow and develop as individuals, and as members of groups, organizations, and society. Areas of basic study include learning, cognitive, neuroscience, sensation/perception, social psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology and personality psychology. Applied areas of psychology include clinical psychology, school and educational, industrial psychology, organizational behavior, human-computer interaction, and human factors engineering or ergonomics.

The study of psychology is excellent preparation for many jobs and professions. Graduate level professions such as medicine and law, as well as employers of bachelor's level degrees, are interested in both the research and the "people" skills that psychology graduates possess. Psychology students learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret data and develop the skills for getting along with and successfully working with others.

Department Location

The Department of Psychological Science is located in room 136 in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Building (building number 9 on the campus map PDF).

Directions to Missouri S&T campus.