Smarter Homes for a Smarter Future

Project Information

Title - "Integration of Social Behavioral Modeling for Smart Environments to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Smart Cities"

Pi's - Denise Baker, Missouri University of Science and Technology,   &  Simone Silvestri, University of Kentucky

Funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA - 2017-67008-26145) through the a National Science Foundation CPS Synergy Grant.

Award Amount - $802,000
Period - February 2017 - February 2020


This multi-institutional research project brings scientists and students together from a variety of disciplines to discover how to best manage energy usage in homes and cities of the future. Making appliances, homes, and infrastructures "smart" means understanding not only how these technologies will communicate and behave toward eachother, but also how users will or will not interact with these technologies. By investigating and identifying key social, cultural, and psychological factors that will influence how users interact with cutting edge software designed to manage complex networks of smart appliances in a home, this research will enable the design of a passive smart energy management system that better reflects social values and user behaviors.

Energy conservation and management plays a critical role in ensuring a future that we can be proud of and look forward to. However, gaining knowledged of how to better manage energy across complex systems does little if users are not willing to participate, which is a factor that has been negelected in current research. This research aims to address this research gap not only in terms of smart energy management, but also in terms of designing approaches to technology design of future technologies that more effectively consider user characteristics and needs such as motivation, control, and feelings.  


Interested in The Project?

For more information contact Dr. Denise A Baker or Dr. Simone Silvestri