General Psychology Minor requirements require 15 hours of courses in Psychology. At least nine of these hours must be at the 3000-level or above. 

PSYCH 1101 General Psychology  

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Minor requirements include the following 5 courses:

PSYCH 1101 General Psychology  
PSYCH 4700 Industrial Psychology  
PSYCH 4600 Social Psychology  
PSYCH 4710 Human Factors  
PSYCH 4602 Organizational Psychology   

Psychology of Leadership Minor requirements include:

PSYCH 1101  General Psychology

And any four (4) of the following:

PSYCH 4600 Social Psychology  
PSYCH 4610 Psychology of Leadership in Organizations  
PSYCH 4601
Group Dynamics  
PSYCH 4602 Organizational Psychology  
PSYCH 4603 Social Influence: Science and Practice

Cognitive Neuroscience Minor requirements include the following:

PSYCH 1101 General Psychology    
PSYCH 3400 Theories Of Learning    
PSYCH 4400 Cognitive Psychology    
PSYCH 4410 Neuroscience    
And any one (1) of the following:    
PSYCH 4411 Sensation and Perception    
PSYCH 4412 Evolutionary Psychology    
PSYCH 4501 Abnormal Psychology  

The minor requires 15 hours in a minimum of 3 of 4 Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) departments: Departments of Arts, Languages & Philosophy; English & Technical Communication; History & Political Science; and Psychology. This minor is housed in the Arts, Language, and Philosophy department. The psychology course options are:

Psych 4992: Cross Cultural Psychology.

Psych 4993: Psychology of Gender

More information about this minor may be found on the degree programs page.

Psychology for Health Care Minor requirements include the following:

PSYCH 1101 General Psychology  
PSYCH 4600 Social Psychology  
And any three (3) of the following:  
PSYCH 4411 Sensation and Perception    
PSYCH 4410 Neuroscience    
PSYCH 4400 Cognitive Psychology    
PSYCH 4501 Abnormal Psychology    
PSYCH 4590 Health Psychology