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Recent Research & Professional Awards

Our online master's program in Industrial-Organizational psychology ranks in top 10 from Forbes Advisor.

We are excited to announce that Dr. Clair Kueny has been named chair of the department.

Dr. Belfi named Fellow of the Psychonomic Society

Dr. Burns recently published an article in Nature: Scientific Reports along with collaborators in Mechanical Engineering showing that people will automatically adjust how stiff their arm is to facilitate interaction with a robot "guide". 

Dr.Jessica Cundiff and her team received a $1 million ADVANCE Adaptation grant from the National Science Foundation over the next three years to make the Missouri S&T campus culture more inclusive, welcoming, and diverse.

Dr. Cundiff received the 2021 Governor's Award for Excellence in Education. The award is presented annually to one faculty member at each institution of higher education in Missouri. 

Dr. Cundiff was among the four recipients of Missouri S&T's 2022 Women’s Hall of Fame Awards. Recipients of this prestigious award are recognized because of their success, influence, and ability to inspire and impact students, the Missouri S&T community, and beyond. 

Dr. Amy Belfi recently received nearly $500,000 in funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for her project titled "Music as an autobiographical memory cue across the lifespan." Dr. Belfi received the Faculty Research Award.

Dr. Daniel Shank, associate professor of psychology, is part of an interdisciplinary S&T-based research team studying how AI can be used to improve the kidney transplant process.


Recent Service Awards

Dr. Amy Belfi won the Faculty Service Award, and Dr. Daniel Shank received the Service Learning Award.

Dr. Jessica Cundiff received the Faculty Excellence Award.

Dr. Clair Kueny and Dr. Devin Burns both won the Faculty Service Award.

Dr. Amy Belfi won the CASE Community Outreach Award, and last year Dr. Clair Kueny won this same award. These awards recognize research, service, and/or teaching efforts that go beyond the university campus.

Dr. Amber Henslee won the Service Learning Award, which recognizes faculty and staff who involve or influence undergraduate students in academic service-learning or community service activities outside the classroom.

Dr. Clair Kueny won the CASE Student Impact - Alumni Award, and last year Dr. Amber Henslee won this same award. This award is student & alumni nominated and recognizes faculty members who have had a significant and positive impact on a student’s life in or outside the classroom.

Dr. Kueny also won the Outstanding Contributions to Graduate Education Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the development and growth of graduate programs.


Recent Teaching Awards

Image of 6 people holding awards and smiling. From left to right the people are Doctors Krueger, Belfi, Kueny, Burns, Henslee, and Murray.

Dr. Amber Henslee and Dr. Merilee Krueger both received the Faculty Teaching Award

Dr. Denise Baker and Dr. Merilee Krueger each received Outstanding Teaching Award.

Dr. Merilee Krueger received the Faculty Achievement Award for sustained excellence in teaching, as well as the Sustained Excellence in Outstanding Teaching Award, which is an honor bestowed to faculty who received Outstanding Teaching Awards for nine out of the previous 10 years.

Dr. Clair Kueny and Dr. Susan Murray both received Outstanding Teaching Commendations.

Dr. Cundiff and her colleague Dr. Leah Warner received the 2022 Action Teaching Award from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues for their classroom activity "Workshop for Gender Equity Simulation". The award recognizes innovative and effective examples of action teaching that address pressing social issues.

Dr. Amber Henslee named S&T's 2020 Woman of the Year

Picture of Dr. Amber Henslee

Congratulations to Dr. Amber Henslee, who received S&T's 2020 Woman of the Year Award. Dr. Henslee's primary field of research investigates substance use and mental health in underrepresented and stigmatized groups. In her teaching and outreach, Henslee aims to teach students to critically evaluated myths, stereotypes, and prejudice against underrepresented and stigmatized groups, specifically among those with mental health and substance use issues .” (read full story)



Dr. Merilee Krueger named S&T's 2020 Women’s Advocate of the Year

Picture of Dr. Merilee Krueger holding an award

Congratulations to Dr. Merilee Krueger who received the Dr. Elizabeth Cummins Women’s Advocate Award for 2020. Dr. Krueger has been with S&T since 1990 and has received dozens of awards for teaching, faculty achievement, advising, and leadership. Dr. Krueger has a passion for inclusive teaching and is tirelessly dedicated to student success. (read full story)

Chair, Dr. Susan Murray, Receives 2019 Women's Hall of Fame Award

Chair, Dr. Susan Murray, Receives Women's Hall of Fame AWARD

Congratulations to Psychology Chair, Dr. Susan Murray, and Dr. Kate Drowne, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of English, who both received the Women's Hall of Fame Award from S&T's Student Diversity Initiatives program. (story link)

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